colouring the meaningless — crayoning outside the lines
“Possum blossom” by Jaylee Reign,©, 2021

Forever love — a photo story

Love of one — Love of many

Hi, friends. Here is a little possum magic for you from my garden. May I introduce you to a beautiful nature ‘child’ and a love of mine — ‘orphan Pumpkin’, who is now eight years wild! …

“Spiritual Alchemy” Jaylee Reign,©, 2021

Friendship chain

To recognize our belonging-ness as love and worthiness first — before all other behaviour — is to unveil one another’s essence of grace and mercy

Nature’s angel bracelet — choir of joy

White robes and halos
a field of daisies
love flows
purity & joy flourishes
birth of innocence expressed
daisy chains & timeless links
angel’s dance, angels sing
god’s choir of…

“Eagle’s Yellow Door” Photo by Jaylee Reign, ©, 2021

Freedom Flight

Since childhood, I have valued the freedom of the dream-time state, allowing the process of creation to weave its own natural intelligence into my life. I surrender and embrace the sanctity that a night of rest affords.

“Drops of golden sunshine” by Jaylee Reign,©, 2021

A life in gratitude and flow

Observing from many lenses with an open heart and curious mind with a focused commitment to be in flow with life— with each other — with gentle, compassionate wisdom, sensitivity and grace

(Morning song-lines from my timeless scribe)

Mantra’s of peace and gratitude — a lifelong meditation practice

I am the morning song from angelic birds…

“Garden of Light” drawing on digital background by Jaylee Reign,©, 1999

Memories from my timeless scribe (2004)

I have named my drawing ‘Garden of Light’ as it is symbolic drawing of a wonderful dream I had and have never forgotten because of its realism and guidance in my life.

The drawing is the core of my being, representing imaginary walls being knocked down as I continue my…

Love a sun-rise — Jaylee Reign,©, 2021

A gaze of story

Suns glory dripping off rain cloud gaze
forever city peeping through memory haze
streams of river pebble slide
I lay at your feet portal open wide
arched eyebrow a waters eye
I am but a blink of a tiger cave
I am your breath on the world of age
feel my love on your tiger stripe…

Hope reflecting in the night © Jaylee Reign

Loves intimate embrace

I am a slow dance on the ballroom of truth’s change

You came to me and placed a kiss upon my cheek
as gentle as a lamb — you speak, it zaps
around my heart, my loins — through the soles of my feet — your love sparks
my eyelids tweak
your infinite…

Jaylee Reign,©, 2021

Overflowing with kindness

Luminous effervescence you

sparkle wonder — a light seeping through my filigree
margins — a song of glorious hues — the smells, the whispers, the chirps, the thoughts so many, the endless possibilities
all blend into a choral

of gratitude — for a hug, a roar, a sigh, a whistle…

Jaylee Reign

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