🌞Dream weaving is where you surrender to the images that come across your mind... without judgement as you have done in this piece... simply allow your intuition to guide you.. neither bad nor good... just is....its how I have lived my whole life, lol. for me awakening and dreaming are imaginary walls that divide and separate in the imagination...take down the bricks and let love stream inside... dreams can become quite prophetic! of course this is my worldview and I would never impose my wave of being on anyone else... re: to be fair my cat Memphis was a klutz and she did face plant an awful lot ha ha ha...however I was simply offering you up a little cheeky sprig of my pathetic rosemary to carry you through until you found what you were looking for in your dream....https://medium.com/snap-shots/minor-mishap-what-a-catastrophe-cfbec4267703

colouring the meaningless — crayoning outside the lines