Thank you, Anne❧🌻❧ Unfortunately this insidious metaphoric anxiety inducing mudslide holds on tight for it has real life and death consequences so it is no wonder that our thoughts get trapped in this continuous depressing loop❧So how do I personally move out of a prisoner mudslide mind whilst I am physically experiencing a locked down, soggy, unfocused and a doubtful existence? For me its little steps. I know that some days I simply accept that this is me today and that is also okay. But mostly I ask myself, what can I do today that is actionable that I know will bring me a little joy?❧What did I do in the past that I can adapt in my current situation? In this current moment how can I live my life in alignment with my body that has purpose and meaning so as to put a little structure back in to my day? ❧Even though the fear of Covid is very real, I still aim to re-frame my thinking whenever I catch myself there, whilst still honoring my need to stay safe❧For me, I choose to focus on setting something that is achievable each day that I know I can successfully do that is in alignment with my situation in order to feel productive, grounded and stable. What can I do today that is its own reward?❧ 🌻❧Personally movement is key for me... I can no longer jog so I put on some music and dance while I do my housework❧ A broken foot?❧ I sit in my chair and do shibashi...I spend some time watching movement outside…. Only you can unveil what that little purposeful action will look like for you that suits your situation and if putting a little structure back into your circumstance will work for you❧Regardless as you say, its up to each of us to come to our own rescue, but we are all in this together, which is why I am offering what works for me up in case it resonates with you or perhaps someone else who reads your post❧My apologies for the long winded comment!!!❧Stay safe, Anne. Love and light, J. 🌻❧